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CRO Race 2023, Croatia, September 26 - October 1

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What if they did a 2013 Tour de Pologne and moved the race to Italy for a Monte Crostis-Zoncolan combo?
There are some good options for good racing in Croatia, and in fact the race has taken a few of them before, it's just this year, unfortunately, they did not.

Hell, Labin itself offers a 3,3km at 11% climb around 20km from home if they added a circuit that would have been good.

The shape of Croatia does make cohesive route design tricky, and they're hamstrung by the places that pay to host, but even so what they did with the places that were hosting left a bit to be desired. At the very least, the old Zagreb circuit with the cobbled climb would have been far better.
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Chapeau Aular & Caja - good for the team but not a nice way to finish the race.
He managed to make it to the podium, with some bandages on his chin