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CRO Race 2023, Croatia, September 26 - October 1

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Current GC
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I can tell you don't watch races - He's lead the peleton for four days and today was even leading out until the last 400 metres.
First of all, it’s very dumb to try scoring a point with generalizing about “you don’t watch races” when someone is speaking about a specific race. For the future it’s much better if you try with “I can tell you didn’t watch this specific race”.

For the record I’ve only been watching the last 10-20 kms of the stages in this race.

And also I refuse to be very impressed by someone’s work at the front in a stage like today when Kristoff is still here in the end. Especially when we’re talking about a great talent like Plapp. If a 19 year old Conti rider did the same it could be impressive, but I expect a rider like Plapp to be much stronger and decimate the peloton a lot more for it to be impressive by his standards. Especially to deserve being called “ridiculously strong”.
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Exactly as I thought - You drop in,watch the last few kilometres of a race and you know it all.
Finally, it's hard to decimate a peleton when all the stages are flattish and the so-called Queen Stage barely makes a dent in GC.
I never said i know it all. If you had not been so angry you could’ve seen I used ? on both the sentences in the original post which clearly provoked you. I’m not a native English speaker, but where I’m from ? is not used to tell people how things are.

You are free to be extremely impressed by Plapp from what he’s done this week. I’m not.