Cycling Classes with the Pros.

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Accordion according to Landa: A box set of 28 DVDs with thorough instructions on how to play all the greatest cycling hits.

I was looking for something to do during the off season and now I've finally found it!
In just a couple of days I learned to play my national anthem. Now I don't have to fear that ASO might use the Danish one by mistake in the future. 5 stars

Tadej Polkačar
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How to put your face in the wind before last few metres of a race by Simon Gerrans

Long range attacks by Primoz Roglic

How to maintain humility and not mention your trophies by Vincenzo Nibali

Bad poker techniques by Vincenzo Nibali and Primoz Roglic

Descending in the wet by Bradley Wiggins
Jan 5, 2021
That rain jacket class is missing a lecture specifically for team leaders:

Getting a rain jacket from the team car when the race is on, by Prof. Alejandro Valverde :)