Cycling Classes with the Pros.

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Retaining your star riders with Iwan Spekenbrink

How to start banter with Rohan Dennis by @trollcyclist

How Orange kits make you a better bike handler - joint training camp with Eusaltel Euskadi and Rabobank (apologies from Oscar Freire and Samuel Sanchez)

Hacking the transfer market - Getting maximum return on your rider investments with Sylvain Adams
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At SafeBet University we decided to offer a whole semester on Team Management

- Advanced course on Teamwork and cooperation with the 2009 Astana team.

- Workshop: how to deal with conflict on your workplace, cohosted by Damiano Cunego and Gibo Simoni

- The effective leadership, a symposium with Mike Landa

- Masterclass: creating effective inter-organizational partnership by Julian Alaphilippe and Tony Gallopin