Cycling Classes with the Pros.

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'Say what you mean ,mean what you say' The art of plain speaking Dave Brailsford

Surviving captivity - Mikel Landa
Leadership –embracing your natural skills – Nairo Quintana

Modelling the best hair products …Alexandre Valverde in conjunction with Alpecin

My role in Simon Clarke’s domination of Milan San Remo –Carlton Kirby

Never complain, never explain ..a moto for living – Jacob Fuglsang
  • Seamless Transformation from Track to Road - Pro Tips by Theo Bos
  • "Winning races is easy " - a workshop with Andrea Guardini (restricted to Asian audience)
  • Economics of Sharing Profits with the Teams - Best Practice sessions with ASO
  • Benefits of wearing cycling gloves, special guest Tiesj Benoot
and last but not least
  • The Ultimate Mustache Grooming Guide For Cyclists by Rasmus Quaade
Musette disposal on the road with Gregor Mulberger

Unbiased, non-excitable, non-nationalist commentary - a Eurosport UK special

The high performance DS diet - nutrition tips from Matt White

Running an anonymous Instagram account for taking the proverbial out of your team with Rohan Dennis

Controlling your bike while airborne with Geert Steegmans

Old school Oakleys (like my dad's) should be left in the past, because huge sunglasses look stupid outside the ski fields - a dissertation by Taylor Phinney


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