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Cycling Classes with the Pros.

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this thread is amazing! borderline sticky-worthy

9:00 AM
"How to avoid dealing with alien fluids falling from the sky. it's time for empowerment!": power point presentations by Adam Hansen, Thomas De Gendt.

10:00 playing darts with real-life size Vegni straw man. Coffe break.

11:00 AM "How to leave your captain alone with 50 riders still in the peloton" , videoclips by Ciccone, Tony, Brambilla

13:00 AM: "How to replicate Movistars legendary team tactics", brought to you by Sunweb's young followers (BlueRoads anticipated me on this one arghh)

14:00 AM: "Humans still don't deserve a rainy Paris-Roubaix" : microsoft teams call with GOD (maximum n* of participants = 40), followed by Evenepoel's rebuttals