Cycling: Serious business.

nia O'Malley said:
This is one the funniest videos I've seen this year. It might be already famous in the cycling community, if so I apologise; it has all the makings of an internet classic indeed.

Local brawl at OK corral

I believe that it is quite well known but it's widely thought to be a fake, Nia. :)

The dodgy bit, if you look closely, is when the "cheater" is pushed in order to get him in the position of being on the rampart of the bridge. In that push, impact !== momentum of stumble, or in simple terms, it's pure WWF.

Nonetheless, a generous lemon wedge of the great public continues to protest that it is genuine and I think, in the final analysis, it doesn't matter whether it is or isn't. :)
Dec 2, 2009
I was wondering why Landis didn't start the last stage of Cascade. Armstrong has people everywhere!