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Oct 23, 2011
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Well, I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot about CX yesterday with GdL and all, but I see Mathieu has won. :D

Well, it was to be expected; he already was good with the pro's last year and he's in shape coming from a road season. Hopefully he planned his year better this time and he won't be exhausted in the latter part of the CX season again. But he didn't do too much road this year, so it should be fine I hope.

How did he win? Was it a dominant ride?
He was so great he won yesterday a race from the 2011/2012 season. :p

Lars dominated the race. He went away with Kevin after 2 laps or something but KP wasn't good enough. Mathieu had a mechanical when Lars broke away but then he closed the gap in a minimum of time. I think Lars was still 20+ sec ahead with two laps to go and Mathieu bridged that gap in one lap or one and a half and then dropped Lars, who is faster in the sprint. Really unexpected.

Klaas said that Mathieu's attack was "fenomenaal". Like he said about Albert in Diegem 2012. :p