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Daniel Martinez is the new Daniel Martin with additional letters

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That sprint was sick. Really impressive to be able to sprint for 300 metres after such a hard-ridden climb. He didn't have to sit down once in 30 seconds whereas Remco was in all sorts of trouble when he realised he had a battle.
Martinez was closing gaps in the crosswind as well. Then Evenepoel launched and Martinez cleaned him off his back wheel instantly
Showing last year was an aberration, really making it tough for Bora to decide the 2nd leader behind Roglic at the Tour.
Good point and you thought all the drama of the Jumbo Visma 3 Musketeers was going to die down, and now Bora can't figure out if they should wear a Red Bull kit or who the captain is going to be.. we will see some Roglic results shortly but Martinez did it all, flat, uphill, powerful and smart, maybe one of the two will do something decisive.. February is too early.. But I am impressed, if you beat Remco in a drag race I am impressed
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