Dope Testing - Why the delay !!!

Mar 18, 2009
As Mr. Lefevere rightfully commented - Why does it :
a./ Take so long to conduct the tests?
b./ Come forth with the results?

The media jumps ALL OVER a case where the dope agent did not shower with the athlete, but it is okay with sitting on results for nine months before the names get announced.

Is is a marketing gimmick to paint the sport ion a bad light just before a GT or is it just p...poor management of resources?

I bet there is NO other medical test where you wait eight months for results - except if you are having a baby of course !!!
Because each test must be treated like a murder trial. If it isn't, the athletes and their law firms will do everything they can to attack every last possible action, movement, gesture of the labs, blaming them for incompetence and threatening to sue them. The labs must be extraordinary thorough down to the last possible detail, without fail.

After the mockery of the Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton hearings, I'm not surprised the labs are being this thorough at all.