Drafting behind cars during the race

Dec 27, 2012
This might have been talked about before but...

So since UCI does not allow a rider to be drafted behind the car to get back into the group after a puncture or crash, and since we have seen some DSQ because of that - probably U23 race in 2019 WCH when the winner was later DSQ has anyone done some research how much energy does a rider uses to get back to the peloton compared to the riders in the group. There are power meters so to find out how much energy a rider uses to get back shoudl be a valuable point since UCI says that being drafted behind a car gives you an unfair advantage compared to other riders-

I find that rule stupid or better to say absured and would expect some data to confirm it.

Just a thought. :)
A lot at race pace a lot, tons of. Of course it depends to who we compare, the one that sits steady inside big pack, the one yoyoing in the back of the pack, the one at the front keeping up steady medium pace-hard pace?
Are you asking whether it takes less energy to draft behind a car to catch the pack compared to the energy used by riders IN the pack for that time duration? It depends on how near the car/truck/moto the cyclist is positioned - drafting closely behind a large wind-break for a long duration would be a huge advantage - especially if the time gap was large.
Even a beginning racer could likely 'catch a pro pack' on a flat course if drafting behind a large vehicle - just get sucked into the back-draft and cruise along at 50+ kph.