E3 BinckBank Classic - March 29, 2019

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The opposition gave the race away the very second they were too worried keeping their doms around, who would inevitably drop 5 kilometers later, rather than setting up a proper chase from the get-go. Now they have screwed themselves. If they somehow, miraculously, do manage to reel Jungels back in, Stybar unleashes his rocket and it's same team, different winner.

They just casually allowed Quick-Step to insert their chode.

sir fly said:
It's safe to say there's a pattern in Jungels' rides.
And a bit more...
He rides smart. Has picked his moment to attack each time and gone for it, nobody has really tried followed him when he has attacked. Then has been strong enough to finish it.

Surely he will have more eyes on him from now on though.