E3 BinckBank Classic - March 29, 2019

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Valv.Piti said:
tomorrow said:
DFA123 said:
tomorrow said:
look at the gear sagan was riding, he had maybe twice the frequency of pedaling to others in the group, good training though :D
Not sure why that would have been a problem when he got dropped on the climb.
because when there is an attack like the one from GVA, the riders go on higher gear actually to gain speed, and with lower gear, you can't follow, sagan was looking down like he head a flat
Oh please, gtfo please
even at the finish, that was not sweaty spent sagan face

RedheadDane said:
So... one rider (Terpstra) leaves, another (Stybar) steps-up.
This year its Stybar year, last year it was terpstra, the one before Gilbert. The question now is, who will be let go eventualy next sunday. Stybar or Lampaert?
Shame about the result, but good to see GVA and Van Aert taking huge pulls to close a big gap, rather than more of the weak half-efforts everyone was doing in the classics last year. It bodes well for the upcoming races; at least they forced QST to actually earn the win today.