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So, they have a special edition kit for Vlaanderen.
Does anyone have a picture in... colour?
I saw it on one of the cycling news sites I think CN but might be Velonews. Anyway it's black with a white stripe with EF full name in black letters across the Chest. It's supposed to be a throw back look that I am not familiar with and I think for a one off it's good, might not wear well visually over an extended time but like the one off myself.
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So, they have a special edition kit for Vlaanderen.
Does anyone have a picture in... colour?

Who needs color?
A black and white kit looks better in black and white? Mkay...

tbf it does, but that maybe because the colour photo is just a snapshot, and the bw is setup to showcase the aesthetic they were going for.

plus the striping effect on the sleeves is more obvious on the colour, and the minor sponsors logos make the kit look busier than what initially appeared to be just a simple black/white kit.

basically I like the bw photo more than the colour one :)
Van den Berg skips Roubaix but will ride BP and AGR.

Nerukar and Van der Lee in the Roubaix squad instead. This is pretty experimental. And I already said several months ago that EF had so few specialists for flat races that their Paris-Roubaix roster would likely need to be pretty experimental. I was not wrong.

Good to see that the team finally has a sprinter they can rely on. Do you think he can be in contention in Brabantse Pijl?
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What do we know about these sanctions?
the usual stuff:

Paris Nice, Stage 1
Rider disposing of bottle outside of litter zones.
134- PICCOLO Andrea - EF Education - Easypost - 10030097666
Fine of 500CHF - 25 Points at UCI ranking

Tirreno Adriatico, Stage 5
Rider disposing of waste outside of litter zones.
82 BETTIOL Alberto, UCI ID 10008663090 (EFE)
CHF 500 fine and 25 points from UCI rankings.

Tirreno Adriatico, Stage 7
Rider disposing of waste in a careless manner - Stage races.
83 STEINHAUSER Georg, UCI ID 10058895249 (EFE)
CHF 500 fine and 25 points from UCI rankings.