Effects of coronavirus on professional races

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Just need to find the shiny next epidemic in Africa so we can all forget about this one.
Last week I've read that one stage of Tour de Rwanda was in the western provinces near Congo border were there are massive vaccinations against Ebola after over 2000 has been killed by the epidemic in Congo, no one has complained and the race went on regularly.
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According to Sky in Italy sports behind closed doors and open air activities will be allowed with the recommendation of not swapping bottles, glasses and similar thing between people. Note that is only a rumor and we don't even know when the new special law will be published.
Can we blame Velon for that one?
Not that I'd need an additional reason to bash them anyway...
Nah, everything started from the U.S. with Vaughters pressed to do so and then racked up who is confined in UAE like Cofidis and who is paranoid like Jumbo, I hardly believe at an action from Velon with only about an half of their teams that signed the letter and the biggest missing (Quick-Step, Bora, INEOS), Bora even published their lineup for Strade today and apparently Quick-Step are willing to race.