Enric Mas Rising Star

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Hugo Koblet said:
Wow, what a boss! Really impressed with him this Vuelta. I'm looking forward to some epic battles between him and Oscar Rodriguez in the future!
Speaking of Rodriguez, he did pretty well today: 30th on the stage, ahead of Pinot and just behind Kelderman. I think that 17 of the people in front of him were from the break.

Koronin said:
It appears the future of Spanish cycling is starting to show he is ready to step up. That would be cool and some meaning as well if both Valverde and Mas end up on the final podium in Madrid. The past (guess still present with Valverde still there) generation of Spanish cycling and the future generation of Spanish cycling in Mas.
It was awesome seeing those two fighting to the finish. The reigning Don and the aspiring inheritor of best rider in Spain. I'd like nothing better than to see these 2 on the final podium.
Spain's future seems to be in good hands and legs :).

Go For it Enric!!!!

Between Enric and Primoz I have found new blood to keep me enthused for cycling :).
Charly_Gaul said:
21 years ago was born Enric Mas in a small village of Mallorca called Artà where people know each other, in the little mountains of the 'Sierra de Levante'

It was 2006 when a very young Enric took the bicycle for the first time persuaded by a dear friend, in this way the enthusiastic guy began his idyll with the sport of champs and villains... only a couple of months later he was entering the first competition.

That kid had something special within himself, a sharp charismatic character and stunning smile, like his unique idol Alberto Contador.
First year junior racer was enough for him to crown Spanish Time Trial Champion in the Hoznayo route of 17 kilometres long. Won the Cantabrian circuit and the Tour of Pamplona also with a complete exhibition.
Enric Mas dazzled all specialists and incredolous analysts in his first season on the category. He finished 2012 at the Worlds, where he suffered an inopportune crash on the last kms of the road race.

Then Enric Mas obtained his well deserved reward, was signing Alberto Contador Foundation for the next two years.
The great results and supersensations continue taking place and Enric would meet and ride with Alberto at the important Bormio training stage together with other teammates already as a u23 category rider. In the ascent of Gavia Contador forced a really high pace dropping more than 50 riders one by one until he left alone... or not. There was the chosen one, the kid Enric Mas, climbing next to his hero. Finished the day, an amazed Contador would praise Enric in public.

So two years later Enric Mas is riding for Klein Constantia a top level international calendar for the first time in his career and he has already won the Volta ao Alentejo in a non suited route, the Tour Pays de Savoie before Geoghegan Hart shinning on the TT and being the strongest and most agressive climber on the queen stage, and he would have clearly won the Giro Valle d'Aosta if he would have avoid a flat tyre on the top of Saint Pantaleon that cost him two minutes of loss with the leader Frankiny, time he impressively recovered on the final ascent to Cervinia in a SUPERdemonstration... Not sufficient though for the overall victory.

So ok guys i'm writting all this because A CHAMPION HAS BORN.
Quoting the OP :D

When do we change the thread title :Neutral:

Robert5091 said:
*telephone rings*
"Hello Enric, SDB here again. That bag of cash just got a bit bigger. Do you like Monaco?"
*telephone rings*
"Ola, Enric, this is Alberto. We need to talk about things that are not good in life. See, there are 2 things in life that are not good. The first is 2nd places, the 2nd is riding for Team Sky. If you sign for Team Sky, I will write you out of my will and you will never enherit the CN hypetrain"
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del1962 said:
Red Rick said:

I think Enric should attack quite early on La Rabassa, hope to be joined by MAL or Kruijswijk and that Valverde and Yates start looking at each other
Haig and Adam will both pull
What are the negative possibilities? He wouldn't get pulled back before the climb eases up. Valverde and Yates won't attack him, and if they both drop Mas, they won't work together.

Red Rick said:

I think Enric should attack quite early on La Rabassa, hope to be joined by MAL or Kruijswijk and that Valverde and Yates start looking at each other
Early on La Rabassa Yates will have his brother and Jack Haig, and Valverde will have Carapaz and Quintana, so I doubt that move could go anywhere. Mas should wait, but not too long, cause there's a danger that he could be in defensive position and forced to chase himself if Kruijswijk or Lopez attacks, or even Quintana.