Enric Mas Rising Star

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It showed on the Tourmalet stage. He was with the front group but his body had no fuel and when he let go he had no energy. Obviously he wasn't able to replenish on stage 15. The rest day came at a good time but there's no guarantee it clears up even with meds. Sometimes it can be a stubborn virus.
I'm so glad he is moving to Movistar! He'll have real GT support there, a Strong cast of Strong riders backing him up. Plus being among Spanish speakers must be like coming home. Hopefully he fulfills the promise he has shown to date and makes the next big step up.
Would have been the perfect scenario with Mas, Landa and Soler. Landa leaving was a bit too much, especially if they don't bring another big star in for the mountains. Mas will probably be the #1 guy for GTs next year and will most likely do Tour + Vuelta (I could imagine along with Soler).

That will probably leave Valverde to Giro + Vuelta.
It is the next logical step for him. I still think it was beneficial to start his Quickstep in multiple ways. He got some training on the cobbles, riding echelons, time trialing, but also the fact that he could be a leader in the mountains at a very young age. Now he needs to take the next step and get a team around him that can support him in exactly those mountains.
We have known it for quite a while, but yes, its the most logical transfer of this year.
Mas is kind of a weird rider though. He seems to underperform in many races and often needs his engine to get going which was kinda unfortunate in this year's Tour as he got sick when he needed to perform, so its hard to really judge him. But he hasnt really been good this year unfortunately, but again, he seems to more of a GC rider in the mold of Carlos Sastre or Mancebo who often didnt do as well in week long stage races as opposed to GTs. Thats at least what I am hoping. If that isnt the case, Movistar will look incredible thin next year since Soler really isnt a proven commodity yet either.

No matter what it will be interesting to see those young Spaniards, the two mast talented Spanish GC riders, with lots of pressure to deliver next year. They will have to step up.