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European Championships 2023: Individual Time Trial (September 20) and Mixed Team Relay (September 21)

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What's the chances that Mattia Cattaneo can get a medal???? I think pretty high. He has la vuelta in his legs

It'll probably depend on whether he's the strongest Quick-Step rider on the day. If he isn't, then he probably won't get a medal, but if he is, then there's a chance. But if Tarling, WVA and Küng/Bissegger all deliver, then it will still be difficult for him.
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Article 1 – Participation The events are reserved for the riders from the following categories:
Men Elite Individual Time TrialMen Elite2000 and earlier
Isn't this disqualifying Tarling from competing in the men's race?

Well, he's also disqualified from competing in the U23 race, due to having competed - and won bronze - at the World's ITT.
At least I'm pretty sure participating in the Elite race at the Worlds also disqualifies you from participating in the U23 race at the Continental Championships.
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Love the cap
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