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European Championships 2023: Individual Time Trial (September 20) and Mixed Team Relay (September 21)

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He was second in the Bessèges TT on his pro debut which finishes on a pretty significant climb. It definitely isn't his forte and never will be, but who knows how well he will be able to do outside of TTs in general in a few years?
Definitely a big engine and a big guy overall, and only 19. That was a Remco-like performance, he beat all the usual TT suspects except Ganna and the man himself...
the jury must've had information (seen other shots of him) about the state of his equipment for sure... the car behind him must've seen him when he was getting on the bike from all sides for sure... this is just ridiculous

He was pretty much at the finish, so they might simply not have had the time to realise stop him before he'd finished. And there were people ready to check him out as soon as he finished.