European Road Championships 2022, Munich, August 14-21



I think with the whole race getting coverage it deserves a thread, as did the Worlds race.
The thread can be used for all the scheduled event, men and women's RR, and the TT events as well.


RR past winners:



TT previous winners:



Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN. Also a free live stream is available on the UAE site:

So today is the men's RR. Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN .

Firstly, you can also watch the free live stream here:


If the embedded live stream doesn't work click here as well:


Full startlist:

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The problem is that Munich itself really doesn't offer anything worth of elevation, the biggest "climb" is 0.5km at 4% (if you extend the radius to Grünwald than you have at least a 0.5km 10% climb). So basically impossible to create an intersting circuit within the city.
And while the Alps are not far, it's still always at least 60-100km to the first mountain range.
So the question is obviously, why not finish in e.g. Garmisch instead? Well the road race is part of a bigger European championship event consisting of multiple sports in Munich (Athletics, climbing, track, BMX, rowing, etc.). So the concept is to bring multiple different sports who on their own wouldn't attract many fans together to create one big event over 1,5 weeks to have a big audience. Therefore the organizers need the race to finish in Munich.

And this works, there are many fans at the track, the climbing, etc. It's just a shame for road cycling that the city and the surroundings itself don't offer an attractive route. And its an even bigger shame because last year was actually really good and had plenty of big names competing, so I feel they missed a chance to not build on that (last years timing right before the WC was also better I think).
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Yeah the route is atrocious and I also think it's in a bad spot in the calendar. It's too late to come off a Tour peak and in the build up of nothing.

Euro's are a hard race to fit in anywhere though, but I think 2021s sport is perhaps a lot better. One week after the Vuelta makes it a decent last test in the buildup if parcourses are somewhat comparable, and if the Euro's has a hard route while the Worlds has a soft route it can be good for Vuelta riders in the way San Sebastian is for TdF riders now.
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