Eve of Giro poll: Who will wear pink in Milan.

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Who will win the 2011 Giro d italia.

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May 28, 2010
I agree, poll for 2nd place would be better.

Here's my top 5:

1. Contador
2. Anton
3. Scarponi
4. Nibali
5. Menchov
Apr 24, 2011
Eshnar said:
Imho he can (though it's a close call)
He looked better today in LBL, so I guess its shape is increasing. While Scarponi is strong since T-A. Scarponi is surely better in the mountains, but Nibali isn't bad either. And he's got the final ITT for him.
Last year Scarponi got outdrawn by Nibali so it's possible anyway. Scarponi having a very good year anyway so I favour him too. Could be an interesting battle for third spot.
As I wrote in the other Giro thread-It's too soon to pick a winner-even if Contador enters the race as a main favorite, I still have to watch how the race develops during the 1st week, where many surprises can happen. Scarponi & Nibali will put up a fight, and I see Anton & Purito as main protagonists as well. Menchov might be there too, but this Giro is for Climbers, and considering the only ITT suitable to his abilities is the last stage- I doubt he'd be able to contest for the title.
Hoping it'll be like Giro 2008 tbh. Menchov will take quite a bit of time on most of these guys in the TT anyway.

Contador is the only guy I can see staying ahead of him after the TT. Maybe Scarponi if he climbs really well.
Jul 5, 2010
So this is a wear pink in Milan poll right? So if someone gets banned later, but was wearing pink in Milan it still counts?
Nov 11, 2010
It's clearly obvious Contador is gonna get away with the overall. It's going to be interesting to see Menchov and Anton fight it out with Contador, but I just don't see them parring with Contador. Maybe Menchov has a chance, but we won't know til that day comes.

Nice to see someone believes in Rujano. He has a damn good shot at the KoM.
Apr 24, 2011
I expect a lot from Menchov tbh. Last year he did very good in the Giro but failed to do anything in the Tour so first expectations would be to see the Giro as a nice start but since his team will not be there in France he can only do something in Italy and Spain so he'll be top.
Aug 18, 2009
Funny how Rujano's being rated above Purito. Not even Rujano thinks he`s better than Rodriguez ("third best climber" comment).
By the way you all failed.

This thread (my only such thread, regardless of what wannabe pscychiatrists in the clinic would have you believe) actually did have a bait in it.

I was hoping to see one or two comical answers to the question who will wear pink in Milan.

The best ive got is Berlusconi. Any better ones?
lancaster said:
el pistolero,
el presidente,
el igor anton (or something like that)
lol nicely done with El Presidente (Im assuming you mean Zapatero) but unfortunately it should be Presidente del gobierno since Zapatero isnt a real president;)
K-0tic said:
Last year Scarponi got outdrawn by Nibali so it's possible anyway. Scarponi having a very good year anyway so I favour him too. Could be an interesting battle for third spot.
Its funny that I dont get tired of saying this as it makes up about half my 6000 posts, but Nibali started the Giro with a 3 minute head start over Scarponi. Nibali got 2.45 from the ttt. In the mountains Scarponi was better.

and thats not just the Scarponi fan in me talking. Ive gotten to like Nibali a lot over the past year- whats not to like, hes not just a climber but has a good tt, an awesome descent, hes happy not riding the Tour, he attacks, he has balls, he goes for it in races that dont favour him, he doesnt mind domestiquing for basso and hes at it whole year round not just in gts.

I think by the time he turns 30 ill be one of the biggest Nibali fanboys (if im sitll alive of course touch wood:p).

And I love that hes going for this Giro that doesnt suit him and whats more claiming its ok for him.

But the truth is, in the mountains Scarponi was better and for the moment is better, and Nibali needed a team head start to get him the podium.
This is from an interview with him recently in ProCycling mag..

'When the UCI suspended Pellizotti five days before the 2010 Giro, he found himself pitched in at the last minute. Though by his own admission nowhere near the top of his form, he rode heroically in claiming the 14th stage to Asolo following a trademark descent.'

Not claiming Nibali is better, just I don't think the gap between them in the mountains will be as big as last year.

I really dislike Scarponi for some reason.
Funnily the only reason I like Scarponi is because it seemed like it would be only Evans vs Basso, but the whole time Cipo was talking up Scarponi saying "whatch out for Scarponi", that he knew Scarponi was in very good shape and would take it to them (dont know how he knew that), so I started cheering for Scarponi to do stuff and like that he kept up.

Also come to think of it, he took that loss in Tirreno very gracefully.
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