Eve of Giro poll: Who will wear pink in Milan.

Who will win the 2011 Giro d italia.

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Sorry Parrulo for no Machado, (hed be there if I had more options) and maybe Kreuziger should have been there above Sastre, but I felt, that if Carlos can manage to put last year behind him this course is definitely suited for him

Edit: DOH!!!!!

A true Homer simpson moment. I somehow managed to put Kreuziger in there instead of Sastre anyway. Scratching my head now.
Aug 18, 2009
I was looking for the less obvious pick, and I got to considering Sastre...

So that's my "other".
The Hitch said:
All i know is that Nibali is not beating Scarponi.
Imho he can (though it's a close call)
He looked better today in LBL, so I guess its shape is increasing. While Scarponi is strong since T-A. Scarponi is surely better in the mountains, but Nibali isn't bad either. And he's got the final ITT for him.
Mar 19, 2009
Good to see a tour de france champ in his prime go to the giro and take on the italians, but I voted for scarponi :S
Agree that a "who will come second" poll might be more interesting.

These are my picks:

1. Contador
2. Scarponi
3. Menchov
4. Nibali
5. Anton
6. Rodriguez
7. Rujano
8. Machado
9. Pozzovivo
10. Kreuziger

Perhaps just as interesting: who will be the surprise of this Giro?
Jun 9, 2010
Dekker_Tifosi said:
1. Rujano
2. Duarte
3. Soler
Hahahaha PWND!

Mah... Hitch come on... put all the nicknames in their native languages!
Il Killer <----- this way is better
Il Squalo
For Rujano what about using "Pepe" for him?
and my pick......
Contadooooooorrrrr! Contadooooorrrrrr! Contadorrrrrr!
I'll be singing this a lot of times during this Giro even If He is 1h back in the GC ;)

Contador + Dolomites = Massive genocide in the peloton :D

BTW... Contador was 3-4 days in Italy and made recon to Marmolada, Zoncolan and the descent of Crostis :cool:
oh and today was in Glocknerhaus...
uhhhhhhh... Now We know where the hammer will fall ;)
I voted for Nibbles, maybe because I want him to win. Actually, I'll take anyone over Contador. I'd rather not have DiLuca win either, though I do like his style.

How come Scarponi didn't get his nickname? “Zapatero”. :eek:
I didn't want to vote for Contador because that'd be too easy. The next logical step would be to vote for Menchov or Nibali, the most successful GT riders left, but I had a sudden epiphany and voted for Scarponi, even though I'd hate it if he won.
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