Eve of Giro poll: Who will wear pink in Milan.

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Who will win the 2011 Giro d italia.

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M Sport said:
1. Contador (on the road)
2. Menchov
3. Nibali
That's a nice set of 3 picks. I put Nibs ahead of Conti in my vote, but you might be right seeing as how his decision by CAS could derail his Tour, and so he just might ride full out at the Giro. Or he might ride full out at the Giro regardless. But Menchov is a bit of a question mark for me. I picked him to do higher at Romandie, but maybe he was holding back with the Giro coming up.
Apr 11, 2010
Dont you guys think Scarponi although he has been flying of late, may start to loose a bit of form coming into the giro. It is hard to stay up for so long. I think Nibali is starting to show some ominous signs - what do you all think?
peloton said:
Scarponi (until he gets banned again)

Contador will crash out early, sadly.
I'm not sure about crashing out, but I don't see him winning. He seems oddly worried about this race. If you read the article about his recons...you will note he is scared about some decents more than climbing them (and I don't blame him). As is always said, he maybe the best GT rider, but he still makes many mistakes. And in this race if he makes many, riders will be ready to jump on him.

Plus, is he or is he not worried about the CAS investigation? If he is, that may also hinder his performance.
Feb 23, 2011
1) Alberto Contador
2) Vincenzo Nibali
3) Igor Anton (if he doesn't crash)
If he does the Roman Kreuziger will come of age at the Giro.

Denis Menchov didn't do very weill in Romandie(not sure why) but it doesn't bode well. Also I think maybe Scarponi could have tried to do too much with good performances throughout and peak too soon. I could be wrong though!!!
Apr 24, 2011
Timmy-loves-Rabo said:
I see no reason why anton wouldn't try to get a high gc.
He'll prolly try but what's a 'high gc'? I can't see him doing top-5 easily as he never shown that..
why is contador allowed to race if pellizotti wasnt last year? This could be such a nice giro even without ricco, with all the favourites beeing very close together and the leading changing day by day. Now contador might jump away on all the mountains and gain time in the tts. It would be a shame for il giro if this ******* is going to win this heroic giro edition. Go home to spain or to france alberto nobody needs you in italy. My hope is on igor anton now as only he would be able to distance contador in the mountains. The questions is how much time anton will lose in the tts. Nibali and scarponi are fighting for a podium place, but maybe popovych could become a phoenix this year.
Jun 19, 2009
I can predict at least one podium girl will wear pink at the end of the Giro. If the cops start raiding the rest will get hard to pick.
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