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johnymax said:
I expected more to be honest. He lost a lot of time in the last km. Maybe I've had too high expectations too early. But I was disappointed in today's stage in general. It was practically a 1km uphill sprint. Oh well. Hope tomorrow's stage delivers better action, but after today I've lowered my expectations of Rogla for this race.

Also what happened to Gesink? He and his team looked extremely confident in his GC chances this week. We'll see tomorrow if it was only a bad day.
Dunno, Gesink himself was extremely dissappointed, he has no explanation why he went so badly, but said he didn't even get to his training values on the climb. No power.
Like I said, yesterday's result was a bad sign. I don't know what happened. Like DT said the whole team performed poorly. And I was hyping them as a dream team :eek: They were really disappointing.

As far as Rogla goes...I don't even know yet exactly what kind of rider he is and I think neither does he. Does he like long climbs or is more a punchy type of rider? Will he excel in hilly races or in mountain stages, will he become a GC rider or maybe even a GT GC rider? It's still all up in the air. I was quick to jump on the hype train because I got excited after his Algarve results. But the reality is, he still has a lot to learn and any good result this year should be seen as a bonus. My high expectations of him for the future remain, because he has shown a lot of talent and his progress in the last 3 years since he's started with cycling has been amazing. We'll see how he goes in his first Giro. Oh and Catalunya is not over, of course. Maybe he can try to go in a breakaway in the next stages.
Re: The official Primož Roglič is the new Landa thread

Lotto Jumbo fail :mad:

Im very dissapointed with all the team but specially with Kruijswijk, after Madone d Utelle and la molina results, i was expecting a top 10 finish in Port aine. Roglic was too good in Algarve I believe, he seems to be in bad shape now.

Perhaps Wilco was the best option for GC, he always do well in Cataluña. He should go to Pais vasco if he is ok after the virus, the climbs there are vey short and steep, but he is not bad on climbs like that(top 10 in Huy), he is quite explosive
Good showing by Rogla today. Too bad he couldn't finish it off with a win. He showed all of his inexperience in the finale. He did a Sagan, brought a faster sprinter with him to the last 300m and started too late with his own sprint. But Tsatevich wins the sprint 9 times out of 10 anyway. He made a mistake earlier by not dropping him. These were his words after the stage:

“I was talking with Tsatevich in the finale of the race, but he wanted to wait for his team-mate Rodriguez,” Roglic explained. “I had to do it all on my own. I should have tried to drop him, but when you look at the whole stage, I did a good job. This week was one of the toughest in my career. The level was very high. This was a beautiful experience.”

So first we can conclude he was extremely strong. The duo had 13 seconds on the chasing group with Purito 5km to go and on the finish line they had 14 seconds on the chasers that were meanwhile caught by the peloton. If we consider Rogla did all the work it shows a very strong performance by him. Secondly why in hell didn't he try to drop him?! We almost didn't see pictures of the duo because of one of the worst coverages in WT races ever (it was shameful). But these were his words: I should have tried to drop him. If he really didn't try to attack the Russian it was a big mistake. It shows complete inexperience in these kind of situations.

Nonetheless a nice performance that should give him confidence going forward. So far he has done better in hilly stages than in the high mountains. We'll see if he can deliver on some longer climbs in the Giro.

Popchu said:
Does he ride Amstel, Flèche or Liège?

On the PCS calendar there is nothing until the Giro, but that would seem like too much of a gap of not racing, they'll probably squeeze him into a race or two I think. Their main man for the classics is obviously Vanmarcke. Maybe Pais Vasco, that's in a week but is also a tough stage race.
Apr 2, 2016
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I`m definetely in! I know him since he was a skijumper, and to race in WT in a such short period of time is impressive. as a skijumper he didn`t do any endurance sport because they have to keep their muscles explosive for the hill. Probably riders oh his age in WT have more races under their belt, then he has serious training rides. looking forward to the Giro.
Primož, Kruijswijk and th rest of the team training in Tenerife. Preparing for Giro.





Mar 23, 2016
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Re: The official Primož Roglič is the new Landa thread

If he's climbing as well as he's TT then this should be an excellent Giro for him. Maybe Lotto will let him off his chain enough to try for a stage win.