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Aug 16, 2011
Found while scrolling through Twitter, deserves to be posted. The Angel's got mad skills as well. :D

@FabioAru1 @giroditalia @destefanoaless eccoci qui il giorno della ricognizione #Montecampione

Translation: @FabioAru1 @giroditalia @destefanoaless Here we are the day of the #Montecampione survey
Apr 22, 2012
Vino attacks everyone said:
He cracked hard at one stage, while Tira followed relatively well and was in the top 10 of the gc. Tira cracked to a couple of stages later, but at the time he did not sacrifice himself for Kreuziger for the same reason as Aru didn't sacrifice himself for Scarponi earlier in this giro and Kash and Kloden stayed in the peloton in the tour 07 when Vino fell. Nothing to do about backstabbing.
Don't understand what you mean. The in which he cracked was later stage, I think 16th.
And about the depressing days in GT's - Astana in those days was crap of the team. Now situation is different, team is much stronger. All responsibility for results in stage races was on Kreuziger. He was supposed to do Tour in 2011 but they made him race Giro I think, because of Vino who wanted Tour for himself. That was mistake. It wasn't good team for Kreuziger and I'm glad for him that he left. In Saxo he's doing better, I think something was wrong in Astana. Too much Vino and Martinelli would be one reason.
Not gonna lie, developing a bit of man-crush on him.

I just read the CQ article, 6% bodyfat? Alien levels. Auschwitz levels. Insane. I'm strolling around at 10-11% and people think I'm really skinny. They have no idea.