Favourite rider?

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I'm a real fan of

  • Nibali

  • Evenepoel

  • Pogacar

  • Roglic

  • Sagan

  • Valverde

  • van der Poel

  • Bernal

  • Pidcock

  • none of these riders

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I don't actually think there are any riders I'm hardcore fan off, to the point of asking for autographs (when we're allowed to do that), and the like. Just too shy/awkward for that.

Lots of riders I like, and want to win races. Sometimes I want multiple riders to win the same race at the same time and then it... gets a little confusing. I maybe sometimes skewer a little bit towards the Danes - even if, apparently, I'm supposed to cheer for Slovenians...? - but it's not like I won't watch a race if there aren't any Danes involved.
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Yeah, Alaph should've been included instead of Pidcock, but bygones. Personally voted Sagan, as I've been a fan since his initial TDU breakthrough. Also voted VDP, since his race poise, aggressivity and attitude reminds me of a young Sagan:cool:
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There was a thread that unintentionally revealed how Pogacar was a rider that many find hard to like, yet here he is leading the poll so far. Interesting considering he doesn't seem to have neither personality nor long enough list of results to be that kind of love-him-or-hate-him rider.
Alaphilippe, van Aert, van der Poel, Pogacar, Valverde, Roglic, Carapaz, Landa, Sagan, Bernal, Asgreen, Bernal, Dan Martin, Wellens, Quitana, Ewan, Ganna, Van Avermaet, Pidcock, Evenepoel, Nibali, Gilbert, Bouhanni, Naesen, Kristoff.
Okay, looks like I should have included Alaphilippe... and Pidcock's thread was probably only going so well for the discussion of the Amstel Gold Race finish line.
Alaphilippe, Pinot and van Aert, in that order, so far the riders not explicitly named in the poll with most votes.
Of the current crop

I am primarily a Nibalidiot
But also very fond of Sagan and Carapaz.
And a long suffering Nairo fan.

Definitely warming to Pidcock. For some reason I've never had much affinity for my fellow brits (weirdly I like G the most while he's not the sort of rider I gravitate towards) so it's nice to have someone to back.
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Jacopo Guarnieri.

He is one of the best leadout men and bodyguards in the peloton, he always speaks up and is one of the few voices in the peloton you'll hear regularly about rider safety and other issues surrounding the peloton. He got the best music/film taste in the peloton (as far as I'm aware of) and is generally one of the few guys who are openly political from time to time on socials which I can only compliment and whom I agree on with his views.
Apart from all that he seems to be a really sweet guy alround and especially as a dad for his young daughter.
Also I just love the companionship of the Demare sprint train and Demare himself.
I’m a long time cycling fan. My first favourite riders were Ullrich and Pantani - weird combination I know. I hated Lance (don’t hate him anymore) and then it was Contador for quite a while (probably due to his resemblance to Pantani in terms of attacking climbing style).

Not in a thousand years could I have imagined back then that my compatriot would become one of the best riders in peloton. Ever since Roglic won Galibier in 2017 I have been a massive fan and it still feels surreal than one of our compatriots fights for TDF glory the same way Pantani and Ullrich did so long ago. Now we have two, but It’s hard to love them both equally:)
I find it weird that Van Aert and Alaphilippe are not on the list considering that they are two of the three best classics riders in the world. Anyway I voted for van der Poel and Evenepoel
The choices were based on nothing but my feeling of the most popular riders around here, I didn't realize Ala had many fans here, thought they were all in French forums. Obviously I was a bit wrong. But since I like Alaphilippe and van Aert way better than Pidcock and in fact most in the poll, I can safely state it wasn't meant to be degrading.
Sep 26, 2015
Today it's Bernal. The way he and Ineos rode today was very impressive. I was hoping they where Ganna kill everyone on the first gravel section, but didnt think they would actually do it.
Puccio and Castroviejo kept Bernal safe before that and Moscon and Narváez was still keeping up the pressure after Ganna was done. I didnt see Bernal outside the top 5 riders in the peloton all day. I guess it's easier when you have the strongest team, but you still have to ride and not crash. Probably not easy to hold Ganna's wheel when he burns the rest of his matches.

Another favourite is Asgreen. The way he rode side by side with van der Poel on the last climb in Flanders and then bet on his sprint against him showed big balls and the ability to back it up. Those berating Asgreen's tactic where just plain wrong. He was the strongest guy in the race and probably knew it when he decided to work with van der Poel.
Some people compared it to Flanders 2015, and I agree it's kind of interesting, but not from a tactics view. I don't think it mattered much. I think Kristoff / Asgreen would have smoked everyone in the sprint anyway. They just reduced the chanse of anything going wrong by having less riders to sprint against.
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