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General News Thread

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RedheadDane said:
Mayomaniac said:
Trentin just crashed into a bear(!) while he was training around Morro Bay with the team.
He's ok, but just look at his helmet:

source: http://www.tuttobiciweb.it/2017/05/29/101718/trentin-california-orso-frontale


A bear, this tops the cat I hit last week.
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Valv.Piti said:
Please just ascent Zoncolan one time and add Crostis to the equation instead. Still, ascending Zoncolan 2 times sounds alot more interesting than Alpe d' Huez 2 times..

They could do Crostis in the opposite direction, from Ravascletto and the descent would be down where they were going up last time? That looks much less dangerous than the protested descent
Sep 6, 2016
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Nirvana said:
Gigs_98 said:
Prologue-->flat stage-->stage with RVV climbs-->Paris Roubaix stage
Make it happen (I'd honestly be surprised if they don't use cobbles)
From what i understanded during the press conference they said that the first stage will be a flat one around Bruxelles than a TTT always near Bruxelles.

Lol, apparently the ASO can't do anything right.
Flat first stages in GTs need to die a horrible death. If you don't want to be too decisive but really want to do a road stage then something like Plumelec in 2008 is fine, or the ORIGINAL Naples circuit course from the 2013 Giro (not the eventual one). If you're just going to do a flat stage around the city, what's wrong with a prologue?