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What's there to like?

At least 1 uphill finish too many (I consider Arrate an uphill finish)

Ibardin where it's really unlikely that anything will happen until the last km.

Only one stage where any action from far out is likely and even then it will be limited to a bit more than 15km

the ITT is not ideally placed as well
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Campenaerts goes to Namibia to do an old fashioned Evenepoel impersonation. He attacks 80k from the finish in some local race and wins with 8 minutes. He then donates the prize money to a local organization "Physically Active Youth Namibia", which helps kids with school, studying and keeping in shape. After the race he does an extra 100k of training.
Juan Miguel Mercado (of ex-Quick Step, Banesto, Vitalicio fame) used to rob only GT stage wins. Now he's up to something different...

Nice to see ex Colpack & Sky rider Josh Edmonson getting beck onto a team. He will be racing for British Elite team Crimson Cycling. He was back on the bike last year then had an accident and fractured his neck! Was in a mad brace for a while but looks like he's back on it. Good to see after his issues with clinic related items.
The first and third stage seem to be offering a similar kind of opportunity and there I could imagine a tt instead of a regular road stage.
The rest of the route looks rather demanding, but not that uniform. In fact, apart from the two mentioned stages, every stage should favour a different type of riders and racing, leading to a deserved, all-around, GC winner...
That's how I see the mini 2020 Tour route and think what's the idea behind it.
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Ireland (and also the UK) have generally a very huge amount of rainy days but the quantity of rain that fall is not that munch, the 1961-1990 CLINO for Shannon Airport weather station of Met Eireann (not far from Limerick) has an incredible number of 214 rainy days per year but with only an average of 926,7 mm per year, that's less rain than a Mediterranean city like Napoli that has more than 1.000 mm in less than 100 rainy days and with roughly 200 of sunshine.
That's easy for you to say: all summer, every summer, for holidays as a kid, and every time I go over to visit my mother and siblings as an adult...
I'm talking about statistical data not the psychological effect that obviously (if you don't like rain, actually I also know people that would love having gray skies and rain even every single day) is way worse where there are an huge number of rainy days regardless of the quantity of the rain.