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Maybe they can have a proper parcours this year, or even better, the Tour des Fjords can become a real race again, rather than "merging" with the Tour of Norway to make room for Hammer Stavanger, resulting in one day being added to the Tour of Norway (a drop of four race days from pre-Hammer days, as Tour des Fjords was 5 days long) and a route which is absolutely syphilitic even by Tour of Norway standards, a race which even in its best days seemed to be trying to compete with the Bayern Rundfahrt for most egregious misuse of available terrain.
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Some guy in a black van really wants people to stay indoors:

Harm Vanhoucke victim of traffic aggression: "Not normal in times of corona"

Cyclist Harm Vanhoucke has not had a nice training ride. "I was driven off the track by a black van. Afterwards, the driver punched and kicked me," says Vanhoucke.

Harm Vanhoucke is a 22-year-old climbing talent from Lotto-Soudal. This season he finished 10th in the Ruta del Sol, beaten by Jakob Fuglsang.

During training, Vanhoucke was startled today by traffic aggression. "Around 12 o'clock I was driven off the track in Aalbeke in Aalbeeksestraat by a black van," Vanhoucke tells his story on Facebook.

"The man (40 to 50 years old and heavily built) got out aggressively. I urged him to keep his distance. Then he consciously touched my face. Then the man dealt several punches and punches."

"This is anything but normal in Corona times. If anyone would know this person, please send me a message," concludes Vanhoucke.
Nice article in CN today about Tyler Farrar in his new career.
Not mentioned in the article (probably written before recent events)—the city where he works as a firefighter is the same one (kirkland, WA) where the nursing home with the 40-plus COVID-19 deaths is located. In fact, some of the firefighters who served as 1st responders to that facility had to go into quarantine.
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