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The positives are 3 stages above 200kms and the Carpegna stage looks good. I can't say too much about the hilly stages without real profiles of the climbs.
That said, Vegni deserves to be send to a Gulag for putting a final parade stage in such a short stage race and all the hilly stages before the Carpegna stage.
For the Fermo stage.

The last few kilometres are all substantially uphill. After the ascent of Strada Calderari, which leads to the town of Fermo (with gradients of up to 20%), the climb continues along narrow stone-paved streets, with gradients remaining high. A short descent brings some respite with 750m to go, followed by a climb to the finish line on a ramp of around 10% gradient. The finish line lies on a 6m wide asphalt surface.
Monte Carpegna is a well know climb. It will hurt a lot.

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Fermo was finish town in 2017 and won by Sagan in a small group sprint against Pinot, Roglic, G, Mollema, Uran, Dumoulin, Quintana and Dennis. Well if I remember correctly it wasn't excactly a sprint, but yeah, small group of GC favorites + Sagan.
If it is the I recall it was basically a top ten of Sagan and then 9 Grand Tour GC types. One of his most impressive wins. Pretty sure that Pinot put in a huge dig that almost dislodged Sagan but he held on then smoked them in the sprint.
Complete startlist for Sunday has been released:

Start of European season 2022! :)
I don't think the startlist is accurate. Modolo was announced in the Bardiani lineup (via IG) but he's not in the PCS page.
Without looking it up I'd guess Rohan Dennis, but Dumoulin and Roglic are probably not that far behind.
Edit: PCS has him at 21 ITT wins, Dumoulin at 17, Roglic at 16 and Ganna at 14.
It matters a lot whether you include NCs...
Küng and Boasson Hagen (10 NCs) are at 15
Brändle is at 13 (8 NCs)
Dowsett is at 12, as is Halmuratov (11 of those are Uzbekistani NCs)
The still-not-formally-retired Teklehaimanot is at 10 (take a guess which continent he won all of those on)

To the best of my knowledge, that's the top-10 with a lot of riders sitting at 9. Tony Martin still has more than the top-3 combined with 50 and Cancellara reached 58, I don't think those numbers are possible anymore given the gradual erosion in the number of TTs per year but it still says something about their standard compared to this generation.