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General News Thread

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If Strade Bianche suddenly got cancelled, and didn't happen for 30 years, it would stop being relevant...
I don't care about being knowledgeable about past races. I care about the Now! I don't even have a reputation of being knowledgeable... I see you deleted it again, good thing, coz I don't know where you got that from.
You wouldn't be just a little bit excited if GP Aarhus returned to the calendar one day?
What does this even mean? You're only excited if you could be bothered to go? So your own level of excitement is what determines your level of excitement? That's a null argument if I ever saw one...

You're right. I probably wouldn't be excited. I might go watch it, but only because it'd be unlikely to have any sort of meaningful coverage. And if I did, I wouldn't care if it was a returning race.
Of course, if it turned out it did have coverage, I'd just stay at home. Why would I go out, where there are people, when I can stay home?
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I hvert fald hvis det står til regeringen, der i sit forslag til den kommende finanslov er klar til at afsætte 80,5 millioner kroner i perioden 2025-2029 for at få VM i landevejscykling til Danmark i 2029.
Pengene skal også gå til arbejdet med at få et årligt World Tour-løb til Danmark fra 2025 og frem. Men hovedparten af midlerne vil gå til arbejdet med at tiltrække VM, lyder det fra DCU.
At least if it is up to the government, which in its proposal for the upcoming Finance Act is ready to allocate DKK 80.5 million in the period 2025-2029 to bring the World Road Cycling Championships to Denmark in 2029.
The money will also go towards the work of bringing an annual World Tour race to Denmark from 2025 onwards. But the majority of the funds will go to the work of attracting the World Championships, according to DCU.
DKK 80.5M is almost equal to €11M.
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Many of the comments I have read and seen in video interviews with actual racers in Glasgow say it was one of the hardest events they have done.. ever..and on paper there is not much elevation gain.. So even courses that people describe as pancake flat done at race pace can be really difficult
Doesn’t seem like a good comparison to make your point: I don’t recall anyone calling the Glasgow course “pancake flat” beforehand. There were questions as to whether the hills would be steep and frequent enough to produce a selection.
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View: https://twitter.com/hansvdd/status/1701547246989312156?s=46&t=2IDOjtxWjgPQAH4BQBTG2A

Professional cyclist Nathan Van Hooydonck seriously injured after serious accident involving five vehicles in the center of Kalmthout

Wow, when I first saw the news on Twitter, I was certain he had been out training on his bike.

But this sounds extremely bizarre:

"A car was waiting at the traffic lights at the intersection of Kapellensteenweg, Statiestraat and Dorpsstraat around 8:30 am. The driver (Van Hooydonck), who had become unwell, suddenly crossed the intersection and hit five cars that were queuing on the other side.

He was resuscitated at the scene and was taken to hospital when he was conscious. The man is said to be in mortal danger. His pregnant wife was also taken to hospital for a check-up. Another driver and a child passenger were slightly injured. The Kapellensteenweg is closed for the time being."
A small remark:
NVH was not seriously injured because of the incident (the accident itself was relatively light, luckily, especially for his pregnant wife and others involved) but it was caused by him getting unconscious behind the steering wheel (for whatever reason), resulting in him being critical (he had to be reanimated).
Whatever made him unconcious, I just hope he gets through all of this, as it sounds pretty terrible.