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Geraint Thomas, the next british hope

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You've done your own research lol
Took 1 min to copy all of these from my phone. Doesn’t take that long for you to research something. Next you’ll say all albuterol does is help you breathe easier with asthma.



She’s focusing even more so on the fact he was doing it over 3 weeks, not just a week stage race where his TT and far superior team can help secure the win or placing. If 2016 was harder or had another difficult stage, Contador probably wins Paris Nice.

I mean, Max Schachmann won P-N twice+stages at Itzulia, Catalunya and Giro; Rui Costa won Suisse+many others and pretty much podiums everywhere; however, if next year Schachmann wins the Tour (he will be 29, still 3 years younger than Thomas), or if this week we would have seen Costa climbing the AdH with Poga and Vingo (he is 36 as Thomas), I’m sure that sirens would ring screaming what the hell are Bora and UAE on now. What’s the difference between Max, Costa and Thomas? They all excelled at week-long stage races and classics, and they were all mediocre as GC GT riders (at least until Thomas turned 32). Suggesting that Costa or Max will win the Tour is the same as suggesting it for Thomas in 2016, even after P-N - nonsense.
Cos it helps to ensure that the super-talents coming through are with you rather than somebody else, because if they're with somebody else they might beat you? When you have the financial clout to strong-arm the competition, you can do that. It's just that others are now competing with them so they're not "the" super-team anymore. Even at the peak of their dominance, Sky didn't have all 30 riders going all guns blazing all the time. And you need people in the pipeline to take over and to man the train. I mean, that's Thomas, right? He was the leader of the Classics team but when he became a stage racer he did so by becoming one of Froome's inner sanctum of trusted helpers, just as Wiggins had Froome, Rogers and Porte, and then being the one best placed to assume leadership when Froome's salbutamol case meant he was coming into the Tour under par.

One of the reasons Sky/Ineos were able to dominate as long as they did and continue to be major players is that they spent their budgetary advantage far more wisely than other big money teams that preceded them like Katyusha and BMC.
That would make sense if Bernal hadn't won lol! I look forward to Van Baarl being the next Tour winner though, they just need to give him Thomas's pillows right?
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I'm denying nothing but since it flew over your head I'll explain it in simpler terms: you don't lend credibility to what's being said because it's "just some posters' narrative" and yet you expect to have said credibility when you mention some anonymous ex-conti level pro who is your mate. That's the, check signature, "trace of irony" in this. And I'm not even pointing out the obvious fact that several people here may be able to make the same claim about knowing an ex-pro who may a different take (again with no way of knowing if it's true or not) or that the fact someone was a pro in itself means little considering how opaque statements from former pros tend to be regarding doping, regardless of their expertise.

Furthermore, you say stuff like "who says G was a classics rider" which is downright hilarious when Thomas himself acknowledged the switch: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/...-ill-miss-classics-goals-different-now-321233 or "Thomas looking better than he is" while putting 2m on its AdH winning time from the same year he won the Tour - http://www.climbing-records.com/2022/07/fastest-alpe-dhuez-ascent-in-16-years.html

Apparently by "truisms" you mean facts of which you're ignorant of...
I've got some pro and ex-pro mates who've shared some stories!
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I see your mate has thought you some excellent """argumentation skills""" on top of the elite cycling expertise.

I've three Covid shots, don't know what that has the slightest thing to do with this, but I see you're having trouble with facts again...

My last reply to you: you've been exposed as a know nothing Sky apologist. Don't want you in your feelings again with the word bot, you might add some another "a" to your onomatopoeias and that would start to look foolish and I really don't want that...

Everytime we're talking about something objective, you fall flat on your face and either try (and fail miserably) to dodge the point by start talking about anti-vaxxers (kek, can't make this up) or proven dead wrong about easily verifiable information. You're not ready for the Skineos PR machine just yet but with some marginal gains I'm sure you can improve massively. Like Thomas did.
Poodle is trying to falsely link conspiracy theorists/anti-vaxxing nutters to skeptics/cynics of pro cycling's clean new ways.
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