Giro 2017, stage 18: Moena - Ortisei 137 km

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carton said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
I'd spend a few sentences explaining the rather obvious to most of us point that wishing physical injury on a woman would not usually be considered equivalent to hoping that a slightly irritating cycling tactic has unintended consequences for a cyclist's placing in a race, but I'm currently more concerned about the high fever you appear to be running. Are you quite sure that you are alright?
Yeah, no worries, thank you for your concern, but whatever fever I was running broke when someone I like and respect finally weighed in (YouTube): "maybe that was a little bit too harsh to say".

It's a rare and beautiful thing to encounter such enthusiasm and conviction in the cause of something as peculiar as demonstrating the principled moral righteousness of getting mad online about mild criticism of the tactics of a favourite cyclist.
TD bad mouthing apart, IMO there was disrespect from Nibali and Quintana towards the race, their team, their sponsors, their fans and their own hard work. Contador, the one person in the peloton who has the max number of GT wins got irritated when Movistar didnot help him retain 3rd in 2016 Vuelta. So definitely it matters. You cannot lose something so easily that you worked so hard to get. After all it was the matter of 4 km of nearly level terrain only in which there is very little loss of energy
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Zinoviev Letter said:
rhubroma said:
But...but, the reality is that both Nibs and Quintana have no interest in 2nd or 3rd duh

At least their bluffing convinced someone.

O contraire. Nibali already said before the Bormio stage he's not working with Dumoulin, nor at this stage of his career does anything but a win in a GC count. Quintana wants the double, not 2nd place. It is consequently obvious he would not collaborate.
Apr 22, 2012
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Cance > TheRest said:
Mayomaniac said:
I have to say it once more, for a pure climber who's riding his first gt Hirt is doing a great job.
Yeah, it's really a pleasure to seem him go on the attack day in and day out. I had him as a top 10 candidate before the Giro, but he must have lost a lot of time in the first week to be so far back, I reckon? Clearly he should be with a WT-team from next season.
He was ill at the beginning of Giro I think that's why he kept losing time in the first week and underperformed on Blockhaus (which should otherwise suit him very well). Plus fact that team don't take care of him much on the flat, he mostly has to take care of himself. Also TT was quite poor, I doubt he went full gas.

Shame he lost contact with Landa and TJVG donwhill yesterday after someone from Cannondale made gap there. On his own he made more than 20 seconds on Landa and TJVG on final climb. I think he could fight for win (ot saying he would win). But that's ifs.