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Giro 2017, stage 9: Montenero di Bisaccia - Blockhaus 149 km

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Armchair cyclist said:
Anyone able to explain why such a southerly place has such a Germanic name?

I have looked it up, it seems it was named like this by a German commander in the 1800s, due to the presence of a stone garrison at the top and its ominous look.
Nothing to do with WWII apparently.
Mar 13, 2015
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Zakarin, Landa, Pinot, looks to me that they will attack. Quintana and Nibali to follow moves, maybe to counter if they smell weakness...
Aug 16, 2013
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Normally Quintana, Landa and Zakarin should prevail.

But i'm hoping Kruijswijk can limit the damage tomorrow. And that Nibali loses some time. It only bodes well for the final week!
Re: Re:

Alexandre B. said:
London Hibs said:
If the break gets caught then I fancy Bauke Mollema for the win (or a top 3) - I'm hoping for a decent stage with attacks aplenty.
He struggled a lot on Mount Etna, I'd be surprised if he podiums.
Mollema is never really good after a rest day. Doesn't say much anyway, even Quintana said he struggled. Nobody was good on Etna, headwind doesn't feel good either so you might think you're bad, even though you are not.

Tomorrow we'll see.