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Giro d'Italia Giro d‘Italia 2024 Stage 15, Manerba del Garda-Livigno (Mottolino), 222 km

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I still think, and results of the recent years seem to prove it, Thomas is after Pogacar and Vingegaard in the next tier. Maybe Roglic and Evenepoel have a slight edge. But slight (last years Giro?). The next tier with Mas, Hindley, Carapaz I see weaker than Thomas tbh.
I think four grand tour wins puts Roglic over Thomas plus the Tour podiums but Thomas is definitely up there still. I would put him 4th maybe with Evenopoel and behind Roglic or maybe Evemopoel behind Thomas at least on grand tour records so far but Evenopoel has the Worlds and monument wins as well if you include all types of racing.
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Next week should be one long warm-down for Pog. Early prep for the TDF. ... Who can challenge him? Vingo still mending. Remco still mending. Rog a year older.
Agree; with respect to the double this is unfolding for Pog as well as it possibly could have. Really hoping he now just shuts it down; for me another dimension is how people are viewing/going to view his Giro. He's a historical talent on the bike, so his story naturally becomes part of cycling lore. This was an amazing and dominant ride, paying big honor to the Giro and the pink jersey on the Queen stage, total fuoriclasse. The tifosi will now I imagine very much appreciate Pog saying basta, and riding like a head of state, no greedy beating up on the little guys, everyone knows he's the big stick. Big win for him today both from his glide path to the Tour and how his Giro win (barring disaster) will be received, should he wisely (in my view) take his foot off the gas now.
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Is this legendary? 30s on granpa Quintana, minutes on great granpa Thomas and the superstar Martinez?

Like the whole year already, efforts are being exaggerated because the competition isn't there.
A good Vingegaard would have easily followed this legendary performance, so with real competition, this stage would have been a close-knit fight and not something heroic / legendary.
Exactly, that's also why I agree with Dobrien answering Another Armchair when he said "he'll pay for this in the Tour".
Lol, no he won't. He didn't have to nearly exert himself as much as he would have against a stronger field.
This was just an excellent performance, opening up possibilities to chill out a bit more the rest of the week. Still a great feat, but legendary? Nope.
Great stage, I was a bit skeptical of the route ahead of the stage but this was another demonstration that climbs that are not super steep are actually better to do these legendary performances.

No, it was just Pogacar being so superior that saved the stage. It was designed for nothing to happen until the last 2 steep km. It's like Super-Planche des Belles Filles, add a super steep section at the end and you get everybody waiting for the end. And that's exactly what happened in the group behind Pogacar. All too close together in strength for something to happen earlier.
Mortirolo-Aprica, Finestre-Sestriere, Fedaia-Pordoi, that's the kind of combination that works. or just Foscagno-Eira, finish there. Or down in Livigno. No supersteep finish to block the race.

This was all Pogacar, nothing Vegni.
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I do think its a lost cause arguing with RR on this one tbh.

Also, it was just a fun comment. The key being "as a kid". Who were not annoyed at Quintana at times for being too passive??? Especially in 2015 where it was the most blatant, especially on La Touisuire/Croix-de-Fer. Shoulda won the race then and there with Alpe d' Huez left to gain time as well.
He could have used a little more of your guy’s help on that one 😂
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