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Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 12: Martinsicuro – Fano, 193.0k

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The route is just a big handicap for this year‘s Giro as I fear the mountain stages are going to be boring. This stage should have also been way harder. There are definitely climbs in this area to make this tougher.
I think the stage by itself seems like an excellent breakway stage, but when they first go through that region it should be a bit more "murito madness".......
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Has Nibali a shop in Fano? :D
A Giro to forget for Jakobsen.

As for today's stage, I think the breakaway will take it. Alapphilipe, Narvaez and Tratnik are strong contenders. If I was Alpecin I would put Groves in the breakaway, with someone like Hermans or Conci, it could actually be his best chance of winning a stage as doesn't have the speed of Milan and Merlier.

Not expecting any GC moves.
Why would Milan allow Groves join a beakaway?
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