Giro d'Italia 2015 Stage 20: Saint-Vincent – Sestriere 199km

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Andro said:
No_Balls said:
Jelantik said:
do you think it's possible for AC to loose 4 minutes??
He has to bonk big time for that. He doesnt look bonked although less impressive.
Yeah, it doesn't look that bad and there are groups behind him who will probably catch up to him in the false flat.

He has to be totally Paris Nice 2009 bonked in order to lose 5 minutes.
Exactly. If you bonk you could lose like 4 minutes in 3 kilometers (Les Arcs -96). Although it could theoretically happen he has a cushion between the climbs to get something.
May 29, 2015

Vino attacks everyone said:
AC is a good descender. Wouldn't suprise me if he managed to claw back up to Hesjedal, Aru and Uran
Hesjedal is a good descender as well. I doubt he catches them.

rm7 said:
How is the descent? Can he loose another minut until the next climb?
I don't think he'll lose to much in the descent, even if he's off he should be ok in that (unless it's a hunger knock or something and he's hurting to much to focus).

It's the long run up to Sestriere that's dangerous. It'll be about 8km that are false flat to slight uphill which means others working together can probably put a lot of time into him, partially by working together.

He still has more than enough time, so unless he cracks completely (see Ullrich in 1998) he'll be in the pink later tonight, but he can't be feeling good.
Jul 19, 2010
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irondan said:
Jelantik said:
wow... last day. It will be a heart break to loose the jersey. Finally astana cracked AC
He's too far ahead to have an epic failure, and lose pink
i was just being sarcastic :p . I hope he is riding smart. Lol Uran.. telling Aru.. won a win?.. go ride!