Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 15: Rivolto - Piancavallo 185 km

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There is quite a difference though.
When you finish last in a TT, you still rode the TT.
When you finish last in a group behind the peloton, or even in the peloton, you didn't ride a sprint.

Anyway, even without this, i stand by my statement, lol.
But when you finish last in a TT, you don't expect it to contribute to your TT ranking. For all PCS's faults, which undoubtedly exist,It is not the fault of the website if you have a false expectation of what a link will bring you to, and then ignore the header on the page ("Career points - Time Trial") that confirms what the content of the page is.
And people on here used to ridicule Richie Porte's supporters when they neverlost the faith ...Richie a man though who could always climb and time trial with the best but this believe in Fuglsang is sheer madness

If he cant beat this field he needs to never utter the words 'riding for GC' again
Yeah, Fuglsang doesn't have the stamina needed for GT. It's okay - it would be normal in any other sport to get tired after so many days on the bike at the front of the race. But he should have accepted that that's how it is.