Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 18: Pinzolo - Laghi di Cancano 207 km

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In whose bag is the queen stage of this Giro

  • Vincenzo Nibali

    Votes: 19 28.8%
  • Antonio Nibali

    Votes: 47 71.2%

  • Total voters
It's gonna be insteresting to see how fast they climb the Selvio/Stilfser Joch, a guy from South Tyrol has an ascent time of 77min 8sec, which is really fast at that kind of altitude.
I believe Col de La Loze speed would be around 66-68 minutes, but ofcourse it's a little longer and higher and less trains. I'm gonna guess 72 if they start drilling it half way
I mean, the names around Bozen/Bolzano and some border regions are actually real Italian names (you can already find them on older maps from the napoleonic era) and weren't just invented by Ettore Tolomei.
There already was an Italian speaking minority in South Tyrol even prior to WW1, right? Still, some town names in that region are just funny.
Are you bragging or is this some relatively unknown guy you know?
An unknow guy, Michael Spögler. Used to be a decent mountainbiker in the junior and u23 ranks and is now a specialist for uphill road races/grnfondo's who finish uphill. The interesting thing is his size (204cm tall and 77kg heavy, all arms and limbs) and the fact that his VAM is not that impressive on shorter/normal length climbs at low altitude, he's seems to be a specialist for long high altitude climbs.
Can i ask y'all, what are y'all smoking? This feels like a parody thread. Y'all need to get off that Nibali's D. He showed diddly squat uphill and none of Almeida and Keldermerckx are forced to follow him downhill. They have over 3 mins on him and even if he gains a minute downhill they can just control the gap on Torri di Fraele with their superior teams. I expect at least Masnada/Knox and Hindley to be there with their leaders. Only chance of anything working would be if Almeida and Keldermerckx just pop/bonk but i have trouble seeing it comming.
No, for days they have been trying to invite others on funeral meal.