Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 19: Morbegno › Asti (258k)

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i'll be very happy when Adam Hansen retires. it's always the anglophone riders and writers trying to change this sport. they need to learn that this is not their sport, it belongs to Europe, the Italians and Belgians and French. they're very welcome to participate and make a living but they need to f*ck off trying to change traditions. Lance is on his dumb podcast trying to get grand tours changed to two weeks. Adam Hansen doesn't want to ride 260k, a bunch of British and American journalists write articles about wanting to change the whole calendar around every other week. this sport is meant to be a little bit inhumane, grand tours are absolutely supposed to be inhumane. that's what makes it special. otherwise i could just go down and watch the local group ride do their 50 miles every saturday and sprint for stop signs.
Wasn’t the protest was initiated by French and Belgian teams Lotto and AG2R? Hansen is just sounding off on twitter.

Legend says it was pillar of the empire Thomas De Gendt himself that sent those gunboats charging down O’Connell street.
Lol come on man, the biggest “cry babies” about this kind of thing in recent years have been Tony Martin and Fabian Cancellara, neither of them obvious Anglo-Saxons and both of them like Hansen with a pretty substantial ability to endure a bit of suffering. As for the sport “belonging” to the traditional cycling powers, maybe those countries riders should try winning a Grand Tour more than very occasionally if they are to be given ownership of the sport’s culture in perpetuity.
If it ain't catholic, it ain't the core.
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lol, its not even raining now and they're an hour behind schedule. so they delayed everyones day by an hour for no reason. this day is probably way more stressful now than it would've been if they just rode the full 260k.
Neutralising races every time there’s a risk of someone falling off isn’t an age old GT tradition either, you know. Whining about “AngloSaxons” and confusing their presence with the inexorably growing effects of money, globalisation, professionalisation does seem to be an indestructible tradition though. I’m sorry to break this to you but highly paid Italian or Spanish pro athletes today are just as far removed culturally from the cigarette smoking silent ironman heroes of the 1950s, sullenly grateful to have escaped life as a miner or small peasant, as any Australian.
Now riders are escaping the races to work on the farm like Tibo
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