Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 19: Morbegno › Asti (258k)

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not a fan. 5k more or less can't be a factor. That the stage would be ~250k long was known for about a year. Now complaining 30 minutes before the start is at least questionable. Also not good for tomorrows stage, bc everyone will be a bit more fresh.
Good for Kelderman. Extra recuperation time.
My man is benefiting from shortening this stage and altering the stage tomorrow. Can't complain about bad luck.
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What about the riders who had planned for a long break to succeed today?
There must be some.
yeah, sure, Rai also reported that some teams wanted to race the full stage. The teams most vocal about the shortening were Lotto and Ag2R.

It now changes the whole dynamic of today's stage, and probably in parts also of tomorrow's. For sure it's understandable that riders not standing a chance anyway are not to keen to race 250k in the rain, but without a mutual agreement, I don't think such a drastic route change should have happened.
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