Giro d'Italia 2020, Stage 2: Alcamo – Agrigento 149 km

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Wow, classy! Ulissi is just poison in such a finale.
And completely astonished by Honoré's effort, was convinced it was a rider error, not having Almeida on his wheels. But apparently DQS went all in for the surprise attack.
Having said that you cannot do such a result without the legs to do it.
Yay, last year seemd like Anders Lund got every of his cards right.
This year looked like he'd not only droppet the whole pile on the floor, it seemed lik they were sorted subsequenty by a 3 yo child.
Yeah, he used the 2 of the doms in best shape (Honore & Gregaard) early, pulling the peloton, which the team didn't need to do in the first place.

France and Belgium were nowhere near the front for the first 150 k :rolleyes:

Anyway, back to topic - and onto the LBL finale :p