Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2021 stage 11: Perugia – Montalcino 162 km

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I mean it's more your TL tells you one thing and your manager says the other tbf in their situation. I regularly go against my managers wishes though so probably not the best person for that.
Even if this was you who was initially supposed to be in the TL position while also your TL just coming back to work after 9 month holiday?
How on earth did Bernal only won 2.08 on Evenepoel? Bernal was really on fire and won a lot of time on the other GC guys in the last couple of kilometers, while Evenepoel was completely cooked.
Yeah, at one point Evenepoel gets drop..., er, left behind by Molard on the climb and then he beats him by 1 minute at the finish

Sure, Almedia is the best in the world at pacing himself, but that was still rather unexpected.
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As a lot of the talk seems to be of rubbish doms - Mollema?

Maybe I've missed it, but the only time I've seen him near Ciccone is briefly passing him backwards after one his failed attempts at personal glory?
Mollema is not a dom in this race, actually I have no idea why he is in Italy. He said he'll hunt for stages which is sort of what he's doing but he could have at least in a stage like this lend a hand. Trek has made an awful selection for supporting Nibali and Ciccone as they ended supporting each other.
It will be interesting to see what comes out about this stage in the days and weeks to come from the DQS camp.

Clearly something happened because Almeida was not tending to Evenepoel like a teammate should have been. In almost every shot he was not riding close to Evenepoel like he should have been.

While Remco caused his own issues, Almeida's insolence was embarrassing.
Was it really? Almeida's mistake was not riding near Remco when they were in the group and he spent too much time before he dropped to Remco. But after that he was pacing the young Belgian from that point till the finish line. I don't think it was perfect domestique work, but it was far from embarassing. What I call embarassing is what Sebastian Henao did at Algarve for Hayter for example.
I've re-watched the stage and have to say I've changed my point of view a little bit. It was worse than I thought at first. I don't know what took the team and Almeida that much time to drop from the group to help Remco. Maybe Joao's ego, maybe he still thinks he has a bigger chance to finish higher in GC at the end than Remco. Maybe he read about the many definitions of being dropped on this forum and just didn't want to become the guy being dropped. Anyway, whatever the reason, he reacted way to late. After he and Remco made contact, till the finish, Almeida did a great job though.
So, we have much clearer GC picture now:

Remco is out for me, he will fade from now on.
Bernal looks imperious, but his back might hit him any day.
Vlasov is good so far, but we didn't see him in real mountains.
Carthy should be better as the race goes on.
Buchmann looks promising.
Yates was invisible so far, but he sits in 5th, 1.22 down which is not so much if he finds his famous climbing legs.

My prediction: Bernal, Yates and Carthy will end up on the podium, but I don't know in which order. After Zoncolan and especially Fauniera/Giau stage things will be much clearer.
It has been a amazing ride here at this stage 11 thread... I have to congrat everyone and you are now my virtual brothers :)
Guess what? We all love cycling and that´s why we are talking so passionately about it!
It resumes to this at the end, what a fuc**** wonderful stage we had! Bernal at 2019 level, Vlasov showing strengh (which i'm glad because he has been very much underrated untill now), Yates showing his tempo (we all might be amazed in the 3rd week with him because i think he's managing his legs for the final week), Carthy staying alive in a dangerous profile stage for him, Buchmann silently climbing to the top, Foss making a statement about his future GC role and...

a young 21 years old belgium guy who never rode a GT before with a 9 month lay-off on his legs and the weight of 11 million people on his shoulders losing only 2 minutes when we all thought, at some point, that he would lose 4 or 5 minutes!! Give this guy some room because it's already astonishing what he accomplished so far!

Last but not least...

The premiere of a soap opera with João Almeida, Remco and Deceunick entitled "Should I stay or should I go" (with the approval of The Clash) :)
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The premiere of a soap opera with João Almeida, Remco and Deceunick entitled "Should I stay or should I go" (with the approval of The Clash) :)
We also have a thread where this would fit in nicely: