Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 11: Camaiore - Tortona 219 km

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Of course it should. What is all these comments....
Oh it will be finished but it could also end as the biggest joke in Grand Tour history but that of course will worry no one in a few years. But yeah if it's what im expecting 6-7 dropouts/DNFs/OTLs per day on average - I would be ok with saying ok let's go home and try next year. For me the fun is out of it.
Ineos might use the 3 lower down riders in tactical moves now, with Tao and Thomas they would've been more likely to fold into domestique roles.

Sad as the circumstances might be, some of those riders a bit back, Caruso, Kamna, Carthy have to be looking a the shrinking list of contenders and the busy terrain ahead and be thinking hold on I really fancy my chances here.

Bahrain have 3 riders in the top 20 too, all can climb really well when their form is good.
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