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Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 11: Camaiore - Tortona 219 km

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Are we getting more crashes like that in the wet from disc brakes? I cannot tell

The crash looked kindof weird. Like Covi goes down first and G crashes clearly cause of beeing in his wheel, but all if not some of the others seemed to be crashing independant of that (or atleast crashed too early for it beeing cause of that). Idk maybe something slippy on the surface?
What a sh*tshow this Giro has been so far. Hardly any exciting racing, 11 stages in, and GC contenders (and others) taken out left, right and center by covid and crashes. With the weather likely continuing to be wet, this destruction derby is not set to stop any time soon.
TGH dropped out of the race due to poor bike handling skills. Which is an important part of cycling. Just because someone falls a few metres in front of you doesn't automatically mean you have to fall too. Better that robots don't always win...
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Are we getting more crashes like that in the wet from disc brakes? I cannot tell

Maybe more eficient braking (less distance to diminish speed) in low friction surface like wet tarmac leads to more slides than a less eficient braking that occurs in higher distance?

Disc brakes come from sports where the surface has high friction like MTB or CX and thus contribute naturally with forces to break the speed.
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