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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 15: Seregno - Bergamo 195 km

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Vaughters, right sentiment but expressed poorly, the comments of Pinot after the race and some of his fans on social media towards Cepeda have been rather classless. Not saying he shouldn't show his emotions obviously but badmouthing a young rider who was doing what he should've to give himself the best chance of winning isn't right.
Right sentiment? I don't think so. It's fine for us casual observers to express those sorts of opinions. But Vaughters should know better, know what it feels like when you lose a close one and you're mic'ed up just off the bike. But he doesn't know...never been there. JV wants to stay relevant when his initials aren't his anymore.

Pinot didn't check CN (and I'm sad, he should read my posts) and probably didn't know about Vaughters. That's a good question: "who are you?"Please Thibaut check the "sort of" thread and you will know who the guy is.

Speaking about opinions, mine is that Cepeda's attack with 5km to go was a rat move, he didn't help hjs leader by being the carrot for Pinot. That claim is bogus. And Thibaut didn't attack Rubio in his post-race interview: Rubio didn't cheat. His survival story, his win should be celebrated.

We're giving Vaughters more attention than he deserves.
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Nah, that elbowing was fine, Healy moved towards him when the road got more narrow because of the fans and tried to push him away and he wasn't having it. If you run out of space soon you either have to break or you're able to accelerate past the guy. Can't expect the other guy to move for you.
I can understand the dislike for Rubio for not working a lot (if all) in breakaways, but that was a normal racing incident.
People trying to find ways to hate Rubio? seriously? couldn't find another idiot for that purpose. I swear, trying to find ways to hate Rubio for that is so stupid that it even sounds ****. Just leave him alone, he is not going to hurt you.

There was nothing wrong there. Absolutely nothing to see there. They even shook hands in the following sprint. Have people ride bicycles in here. In almost every sprint riders lose balance. It is very easy to lose balance, even if it looks otherwise. Even if it is not, it wasn't a big deal trying to outmuscle the other rider within the rules.
He was fined 200 SFand lost some UCI points for this move. Somebody else also must 've thought it wasn't entirely ok.

As for "hating" him, personally i don't really care enough either way. But that imho was a *** move. I agree that he did nothing wrong during the final climb in the stage he won, though he was the first one to start skipping turns earlier. He was also in the chasing group on stage 12, where Van Wilder said nobody helped him on the climb.
And then people could have claimed he simply didn't have a comeback.
Weak argument, obviously no one expects Thibot to respond to every barb on Twitter. You think a reporter is going to ask him about it at the next press conference? No. Thibot is a cyclist; Vaughters is a showman. I guess Thibot is a showman too, just uses his legs and fingers and 4 letter words to make his arguments. But don't go on Twitter unless you're clever.
Fwiw, I don't like how these tweets have somehow become a topic, but the barrage of insults addressed to Cepeda, wittingly or unwittingly orchestrated by Pinot, who only has himself to blame for his own stupid tactics, have been swept under the rug or aren't even looked at.

Vaughter's tweet doesn't even defend Cepeda.
If he'd wanted to defend Cepeda he could, right after stage 13, have told Pinot that "Hey, Jefferson is under no obligation to ride for you." or even "He was just following the instructions from the team car. If you have issues with it, take it up with me, or Tejay, or Matti."
He also hates Madiot to the point that he dislikes every (French) FDJ rider because of it, so it probably evens out a bit.
Yeah, but Madiot didn't testify against Lance thus being partly responsible for his victories being scrapped. I would imagine Lance has a special kind of hatred towards Vaughters.

Imo, Vaughters is a ***. Lance, of course, is an ever bigger ***. But I can't deny I enjoyed this particular tweet from him :smile:
Congratulations to Brandon Alexander McNulty for his first GT stage win.

I enjoyed his fight with Healy on this stage. A few exchanges in between them. Healy is the discovery of this Giro edition for me. Lets see what he can do in high mountains. As for GC powder. A bit of sparks for position. But powder obviously preserved for week three. As it was always meant to be.
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