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Giro d'Italia Giro Stage 5: Modena – Cattolica 175 km

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Will it be a sprint?

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Wind will be from SW, so technically crosswind, but I don't think it will be strong enough to make anything happen.

Unfortunate then. The stage is very dull without that (or crashes but I hope we don't get those). As is, I'd be expecting a break of 3/4 made up of Androni, Bardiani and Eolo Kometa that dangle out all day and are caught with 10-20k to go. Pretty much like stage 1 really.
How could someone design such a flat stage. This must be boring even for the sprinters.

The problem isn't that there are stages as this, in my opinion, it's that they get broadcasted in full length. It would be best to show the first 20k, then show a film about a gangster boss's daughter getting kidnapped, escaping and looking for her lost twin brother while getting hunted, and then with 20k to go you would show the bike race again. The riders could stop peacefully on the roadside to pee or poop without being watched and everybody would be happy.
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Do kids stay home from school on wednesday afternoons in Italy? Over here they get half a day off in the middle of the week. If so, they managed to put the two most boring stages of the first week at the moment most people can watch. Sunday and wednesday. Since kids are at home, not only the kids who are interested in cycling get to see this turd of a stage, but also parents who stay at home to be with their kids, as well as teachers etc who are also at home.