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Golden era !

I think I know the answer to this but nonetheless I will still ask the question.
Are drugs now a thing of the past in the TdeFrance /cycle racing.
Given the outstanding performance of some this year I am guessing the answer is no. And if that is the case how on earth are the riders getting away with it !
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Assuming doping, the wild speculative claims I'd make are:

  • ASO/UCI have no intention of catching cheats as its 'bad for the product'
  • the biological passport is now so old it will have been studied and there is confidence in being able to cheat within the parameters of 'normality', or to inflate what your 'normal' baseline
  • Covid playing havoc with international testing and tracing
  • new masking agents (Bahrain hair tests) that the testing hasn't got to grips with yet
  • some method with a longer lead in time and/or longer duration of effect - making it harder to detect pre and during race and reducing need for rest day top-ups.
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