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Greetings from sunny Costa Rica.

After reading a few threads,I wanted to introduce myself to this community and look forward to sharing ideas with other forum members.

As a personal trainer, I suggest long bike rides for amazing cardio results. Plus, for those looking for a six pack, there is nothing better.

Best regards,

Mar 19, 2009

Costa Rica eh? How's your neighbor Calvin Ayre of BODOG fame? Must be nice living in one of the better tax havens in the world.;)

I have trouble canceling out one six pack for another. I'll try to cut out the ones that come in bottles.

Nice to meet you.

Well, some have said that Costa Rica is the sunniest country with the shadiest people.

The sportsbooks, online pharmacies and brothels have made CR a fun place to be. Yet, there are many good people here that live the pura vida lifestyle.