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Greg Lemond for president of UCI

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I'm with Coyle. The problem is structural. The UCI cannot be both the promoter and the police. It doesn't matter who is in charge. It just won't work.

Put Lemond (or whoever - why not Tygart) as head of a new CADA (Cycling Anti-Doping Association) organization which does not report to the UCI. That might do something.
Jul 27, 2009
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ChewbaccaD said:
Sure it will never happen.
Sure there are potential pitfalls with Mr. Lemond.
But the sport is dying because of the leadership of the UCI. They killed the sport because they were only interested in protecting the revenue.

The sport needs someone provocative, but dedicated to clean sport. I realize that his nationality will not be popular with many, but that is the same xenophobic bull**** that has always been thrown his way. And no, I am not suggesting he should do it because cycling needs an American to save it.

Never say never. I remember reading a magazine article about five years ago, maybe it was ProCycling or something like that where they put to Lemond what he would do if he was running the UCI. It was great reading.

I remember one of the suggestions of many was to put sealed (tamper proof) power meters on every bike, power would be a give away to doping.

What appealed about Greg was every suggestion he had was about cleansing then promoting the sport.